Grow with Natural Hormones

HGH SupplementsSomatotropin, which is commonly known as the hgh for height is responsible for the growth, regenerations as well as reproduction of the cells in humans as well as animals. The natural hormones are also used by the doctors as medication to treat children with growth issues as well as adult growth hormone paucity. Although the human growth hormones are available on prescriptions, the safety concerns regarding the use have not really been solved. Since this natural hormone is an extremely complex hormone, great many of its purposes and uses are still not known.

The human growth hormone also performs the functions of an anabolic steroid. In other words it can be used to enhance the growth and performance of people specially athletes. The human growth hormone has a number of other functions as well. It helps to increase the retention of calcium in the body. This leads to the increase in the rate of mineralization of bones which helps in strengthening the bones. It is also extremely beneficial in increasing the muscle mass through the process known as sarcomere hyperplasia. It also helps in increasing lipolysis which is merely the breaking down process of the lipids. It also enhances protein synthesis.

As it is a growth hormone it helps in the simulation of the growth of all the internal organs with the exception of the brain. It also plays a very significant role in the process of homeostasis. It also helps the liver to produce more insulin in order to deal with the excess glucose in the body. It also plays a very significant part to ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of the pancreatic islets. Finally it helps to improve and enhance the immune system of the body.

The growth hormone has extremely crucial functions to perform in our body. However sometimes there is a natural deficiency of the hormone in the body. In such a case the doctors need to prescribe it artificially. One can even buy growth hormones in the form of health supplements. They are available online and there are plenty of suppliers. The human growth hormones in not only used to treat short heights but also helps to fight many other diseases. They are Turner’s syndrome that mainly affect the girls, Prader-Willi syndrome, human growth hormone deficiency, chronic kidney insufficiency, for children who are born prematurely, Short Bowel syndrome mainly common in adults, treat pituitary tumors and also helps in the combating the deadly Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS.

A number of anti ageing product also use the human growth hormone as it stimulates the regeneration and reproduction of cells. A number of companies market human growth hormone related products and they state that their product reverse the body’s biological clock and makes one look younger, build muscles, reduce the amount of fat, also deals with the problem of hair fall and graying of hair, toughen the immune system, enhance energy, control the blood sugar levels, improve and enhance quality of sleep, sex life, vision as well as memory.

Thus the all the above benefits makes the human growth hormone the potion which may have the potential to provide the gift of eternal youth.

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